Other Initiatives

Affordable Warmth

Affordable Warmth British Columbia (AWBC) provides free information and support in accessing energy efficiency grants, financing and other energy efficiency-related services. AWBC provides a comprehensive web based search tool for energy efficient renovation and construction grants, rebates, subsidies, tax rebates, and other incentives available in British Columbia, including financing and incentives for the affordable housing sector. Currently, there are more than 100 energy and water rebates and grants available across British Columbia, with updates being added regularly.

Adaptation To Climate Change Presentation by Deborah Harford

Highlands Council received a presentation from Deborah Harford, Executive Director, ACT on Adaption to Climate Change.  View the PowerPoint Presentation here

Adapting to Climate Change on the BC Coast – Video Series Produced by the Province

Adapting to climate change can be manageable if it is planned early, and if it is implemented in small steps. Our relationship with water will be central to our adaptation to climate change. This video series provides an introduction to living with climate change on the BC Coast, with special attention to three subject areas:
  • Coastal Flood Management – examples of adaptation to sea level rise
  • Rainwater Management – examples of adaptation to changed precipitation and stormwater patterns
  • Water Conservation – examples of adaptation to seasonal droughts

British Columbia Hydro Energy Conservation Assistance Program (ECAP)

Free home energy upgrades (i.e., insulation, fridges, draft proofing, and more) are provided from ECAP for people on limited budgets. Call 1-877-431-9463 for more information.

Capital Regional District Recycling and Composting

The Capital Regional District offers a variety of recycling information.

Capital Regional District - Oil to Heat Pump Incentive Program

The Oil to Heat Pump Incentive Program is funded by the Ministry of Energy and Mines' innovative Clean Energy (ICE) Fund and is administered by City Green Solutions.  In 2016, the CRD is offering 125 additional first-come, first=serve Top-Up incentives of $150 each to CRD resident participating in the Provincial program to help them avoid costly oil spills and save energy.  


The Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program (CARIP) is a conditional grant program that provides funding to Climate Action Charter (Charter) signatories equivalent to 100% of the carbon taxes they pay directly. This funding supports local governments in their efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and move forward on achieving their Charter goals. Making the District's 2013 CARIP Public Report and Attestation Form public by posting it on the District's web site, fulfills one of the requirements for the District to be eligible for this grant.  Typically, the grant is worth between $700 and $800 for the District.

Annual Reports

Survey and Progress Reports

Energy Grants for Homeowners

LiveSmart British Columbia grants for home energy saving upgrades to insulation, windows, wood stoves, and more. Call 250-381-9995 for more information.