Secondary Suites and Accessory Dwelling Units

As part of its Strategic Plan, Council asked staff to prepare a report outlining an approach to
considering secondary suites in the community. While secondary suites are not permitted under
existing zoning regulations, it is estimated that approximately 30% to 50% of properties in
Highlands have some form of unauthorized secondary suite and/or additional unapproved
dwellings (estimate based on information from Highlands Building Official). Given increasing
land costs and housing shortages in the region this trend is likely to continue.

Staff have reported to Council twice on the issues.  The first report was submitted for Council consideration in December, 2017 (link to report).  Council received the report and asked that staff bring back additional information.  A second report was submitted to Council for consideration in April, 2018 (link to report) and Council motioned to receive the report and directed staff to proceed with an open house to solicit input on the proposed draft policy/program and regulatory framework.

The open house occurred on June 6th, 2018.  Approximately 30 people attended.  Below are the comment summaries from the question sheet responses, the table posters, and general public comments or letters submitted.


Question Sheet Responses

Comments From  Table Posters - June 6, 2018

Other Public Comments - up until July 4, 2018