Site Inspections

Inspection Review

The building inspector provides clarification of bylaw requirements, reviews preliminary building plans to determine compliance with regulations, provides interpretation of the British Columbia Building Code, and discusses appropriate construction methods with contractors and property owners.

Site inspections and Building Inspections

Site and Building inspections are required to determine that conditions set out in the permit have been satisfied.

The Building Bylaw states that a "simple building" shall obtain an inspection and receive a Buildings Official's acceptance prior to concealing any aspect of the following work:

  • foundation and footing forms (before concrete is poured);
  • installation of perimeter drain tiles and damp-proofing (prior to backfilling);
  • rough-in of all chimneys and fireplaces and solid fuel burning appliances;
  • rough-in plumbing;
  • insulation and vapour barrier;
  • health and safety aspects of the work prior to occupancy

A final inspection is required upon completion of a project and before an occupancy permit can be issued.

  • To book an inspection, contact 250-474-1773.

  • Inspections require 24-hour notice.