Board of Variance

Agendas & Minutes

To date the District of Highlands Board or Variance has never held a meeting

About the Board

View the Board of Variance Bylaw.
View Part 14 Division 15 of the Local Government Act

Board of Variance Membership

  • District of Highland Planner, Laura Beckett, Secretary
  • Ingo Lambrecht
  • Deanna Henry
  • Scott Nichol

The duties of the Board are specified in Section 540 of the Local Government Act. There are four grounds for appeal each which involve different considerations. The precise wording of the Local Government Act is quoted here, and where there is a reference to another section, that wording is given as well. The four categories of appeal have been characterized as follows:

  • relaxation of zoning regulations;
  • relaxation of tree protection bylaws;
  • structural alteration where a non-conforming use is present; and
  • relaxation of subdivision servicing requirements